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Developing the mind

Employee mental coaching as an easily accessible digital service.

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Through Kuullas, your company's employees have access to a versatile group of the best mental well-being professionals as a flexible and easy-to-use service. You can find a suitable mental coach with just a few clicks along an easy digital path. The coaching is conducted remotely and the discussion is personal, confidential, and safe.

Proactive mental coaching is a tool that supports employee well-being, develops personal capabilities, and prevents mental challenges, thus increasing the value of your organization's personnel on both individual and team levels.


Coaching themes

Three common challenges in working life

  1. A complex and constantly changing world requires employees to have ever-increasing adaptation and prioritization skills.
  2. A culture of overheating, performance pressure, and hurry exhausts people and
    prevents the utilization of individuals potential.
  3. Employees expect employers to provide increasingly extensive solutions and support for their personal and skills development.

Essential tools at your disposal

As a solution, Kuullas offers proactive mental coaching along with an easy digital pathway that allows you to find the right mental coach with just a few clicks.

The return on investment for personal mental coaching is up to five times the investment.

Source: Deloitte, Mental health and employers - Refreshing the case for investment 2020

A successful organization builds from balance

Social sustainability, or well-being of employees, is at the core of a successful organization. Employee well-being affects an organization's performance, results, and employer's public image and reputation. Future workplaces do not need to think twice about prioritizing mental well-being.

Our mission is to build socially sustainable workplaces where a balanced life supports employees committed to personal development.

 Proactive mental coaching

Through Kuullas's coaching, employees' mental abilities are strengthened which results in an increased well-being. Development occurs in areas such as:

Problem-solving and identifying new perspectives

Awareness and utilization of individuals strengths

Time management, prioritization, and focus

Observation and anticipation

Socially intelligent behavior

Clarity in your own direction and goals

Connecting with oneself and others

Emotion management and mental flexibility

A platform solution that makes it easier to reach the right coach

  1. Getting Started
    When an employee logs into Kuullas's appointment booking system, they select a relevant coaching topic, which then matches them with the most suitable mental coaches and available coaching times.
  2. Meeting
    The employee receives a link for the remote meeting via email. The 45-minute remote coaching session is personal, confidential, and secure.
  3. Coaching Process
    The coaching is conducted within the agreed coaching sessions and timeframe with the employer.
  4. We Monitor Progress
    We solicit feedback from the employee at the beginning and end of the coaching process. We also provide HR and management with anonymized data on Kuullas's usage, its effectiveness, and feedback received from employees.
Kaksi henkilöä Kuullas

How Kuullas was born

I love to explore and innovate. This drove me from Lahti to the world. Ten years in Central Europe and the UK, and a diverse understanding of the world of business and mental coaching made me question old, rigid mental health models and challenge them.

I realized that I cannot succeed and stay in good shape if I don't develop and maintain my mind alongside physical health. That's how the idea of Kuullas was born. My passion is to enable mental coaching for as many people as possible

- Irina

Why there's Kuullas

The technical world has many formulas and processes. When something doesn't work, we can figure out the problem and fix it. We are good at logical reasoning and making things work and developed in a more efficient manner.

As a nation of engineers we excel at this. However, we often make the mistake of thinking that the same operating models work for the mind, when in reality the truth is far away from this assumption. I am both a master of engineering and a therapist. I want to create a more humane working life by bringing well- being formulas to people's use. That is why we wanted to start Kuullas.

- Saara

Kuullas henkilöstö

This is how to take the next steps in building the mental efficiency of you/ your team


We help you find a service package that suits the needs of your team (individuals and/or teams).


We prepare your staff for remote coaching by providing them with the necessary information.


We coach your staff safely in their everyday work. We enable learning of the most important skills and abilities for the future.


Contact us

Together, we will find the most suitable option from the Kuullas's service portfolio for your workplace.

Irina Krohn

Co-Founder / Solution Focused Coach, NLP Master, M.A. Marketing & Communication
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